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In 1972 in Recanati, Enzo Castagnari founded the company “Castagnari”, specialized in the production of acrylic items of different types such as advertising displays, plates, displays and so on.
Subsequently, the entrepreneur made a collaboration with the Guzzini group, which operates in the bathroom-furniture sectors (Teuco Guzzini), kitchen (Fratelli Guzzini) and lighting (iGuzzini).

In the early '90s the three sons of Enzo Castagnari took over from the father in leading the company starting to forge partnerships with major companies in the automotive sector such as Laika, McLouis of the SEA group, Trigano VDL, Benimar, Rapido, GP Pilote, Euramobil, Phoenix , Frankia and Dethleffs.

In 2014, the Castagnari company, seizing a market demand, created the Topcustom which began to produce integrated washbasins tailored to the bathroom furnishing industry in acrylic Ocritech and composite materials, combining it also with laminates and Fenix.

In 2018 with the need to internationalize and become known in new markets, the company merges with “Nicos International SpA” which currently holds 51%. This is how the new reality that takes the name of “Topcustom International” was born and completes its range of products with Ocritech acrylic tops and composites to offer to European bathroom furniture manufacturers.

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